All Pets Welcome! Are you looking to have your Pet be a well trained member of your family? PetServices.Pro can get you and your pet on the same page and make everyone happy!

Welcome to PetServices.Pro Pet Care

PetServices.Pro is your Locally Owned Pet Care company

Pet Care | Bad Pet Behavior Does your dog freak out when someone comes to your door? Jump on you or your guests? Clear your counters when you are gone? Refuse nail trims? How about go through the garbage? Drag you down the street? If your dog needs serious behavioral training or just a little extra help perfecting a particular behavior Pet Services Pro can come to the rescue.

We assure that your pets are getting the best pet care whether you are at home or away at prices you can afford.  We provide:

  • In-home animal sitting
  • Obedience and behavior training
  • Pet licensing
  • Microchipping
  • In-home nursing
  • Maintenance care such as nail trims, bathing, beak trims, flight feathers, etc
  • Help with the animal stuff that is hard for you to do
  • Vet, groomer or animal daycare drop off and return transportation service
  • Excellent products via our on-line store to ensure a healthy, happy, animal
  • Antler sales — healthier than bones and rawhide
  • CPR/First Aid, nutrition, health and wellness classes
  • Other services ~ If something isn’t listed, please feel free to ask. Chances are, we do it!

We service any animal, large and small, fish, farm, birds, reptiles, dogs, cats, exotics, pocket pets, etc.
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We are available 24/7/365 so enjoy your vacations! 

We have years of education and experience.  We are a great resource for information.  Do you have an pet question?  Please feel free to contact us and ask.  We are happy to help.  We generally will respond to you within 1-2 business days.  Also,
we are text-friendly and welcome texts.  Please enjoy the articles and comment in the blogs.  We love your input.  We
look forward to taking care of all your pet care needs.  Check out the Thanks page for some fabulous businesses that have helped
us out a lot and we know could help you, too.