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Is your poultry in danger?

12 May

Is Your Poultry In Danger? There are hazards out there for your poultry.  Here are some tips to keep them safe and healthy. Predators are a problem.  Raccoons, hawks, weasels, dogs, etc like to have a nice chicken dinner like we do. So to prevent predators from ransacking your coup, you might try to elevate the […]

Rabbits make great pets

11 Apr

Rabbits are fabulous pets! Rabbits make excellent pets.  They are smart and cute and they like to play and they aren’t loud. They can be litter box trained, trained to come when called and will play with toys.  Rabbits are fairly low maintenance but need supervision when out of their cage or around small children […]

Come post with us! We’d love to hear from you

05 Mar

Come join us and post something We love to post about animals of all kinds!  We love to play with them, watch them, interact with them!  This site is not just about animals but it’s for their two-legged people those animals have adopted.  They love us no matter what.  And it’s not just for domestic […]