Queezy. Is your cat or dog feeling it?

04 Sep

Queezy.  Is your dog or cat feeling it? queezy

Is riding in the car cause your dog to have a week stomach?

Kitty urping up on the carpet?

There are many reasons why our precious fur-friends can have an upset tummy.

There are also several inexpensive and easy ways for you to help them feel better with foods, etc that are commonly available.  Dr. Becker, DVM, tells you more.

As Dr. Becker says, it’s a good idea to take Fido or Fluffy to the vet to get them checked out to make sure it’s not something serious.  If not,

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to get more information about natural and easy ways to help your queezy pets feel better.

Once you’ve had your vet look and find out what’s going on, make sure that your home environment is not a stressful place while your pet is recovering.  They may tend to hide to avoid the stress until they feel better.  If they want their alone time, that’s fine as long as you know where they are and it’s a safe place.  Offer food and water there instead of their regular place if necessary (and if the vet says it’s ok) and go in there and spend some quite time with them to help them feel calm and soothed.

Keep in mind, they may not want to eat.  This is okay for a day or two but monitor him while he’s sick and talk to the doctor.  The doctor may recommend no food for a while until the problem resolves.  BUT always have fresh clean water available.  If medications were prescribed, find out what kind of food or treat they should be given with or is it okay to give on an empty stomach.

AND, as always, if your buddy does not get better in a reasonable amount of time (ask the doctor what they feel this may be), or they begin to decline, don’t waste any time returning to the vet for treatment.

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