Mouth rot in my snakes mouth? ewww!

06 Aug

Mouth Rot In Snakes

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Mouth rot is a common ailment in snakes.  It is more formally known as infectious oral stomatitis. We normally find it in pet snakes, lizards and turtles.

Why does it happen?

Mouth Rot is due to the normal mouth bacteria growing out of control when the immune system is low.  Stress, other disease, etc can cause a low immune system.  Also, make sure that your reptile environment is at the proper temperature and humidity.  Are you feeding the proper diet?  Does he have fresh water is available everyday? Is his environment safe so there is no way for your animal to get an injury?  Bacteria introduced into a mouth injury can cause mouth rot.

What to look for

As always, have your reptile veterinarian have a look at him. Some symptoms you may see in mouth rot are loss of appetite, redder than normal mouth tissue, dead mouth tissue, pus, strange discharge from the mouth or nose, unusual odor, possible lethargy.
You want to get the infection diagnosed and stopped because if you don’t, the infection could spread to the digestive tract and possibly cause pneumonia.

How do we fix it?

Your veterinarian will probably clean the wound and prescribe antibiotics.  Please following his/her instructions exactly.  If you don’t feel comfortable administering medications and wound cleaning yourself, please ask for help.  As with anything, use common sense, wash your hands before and after handling your pet and his medications (wear rubber gloves if you have to) and look around his environment to see what may have caused the problem.  Your veterinarian can discuss more about this with you.

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