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We are here to lend you a hand with your fury, feathered, finned and scaled friends.  We have many pet services available to you. You can feel secure  and trust us with your non-human family members.  Feel free to ask us any questions. Jump on the article blogs and post.  We’d love to hear from you.  AND we have a great online store for great pet products you and your non-human friends will love!  Here is a list of pet services we provide. If you have a need that is not on the list below, just contact us and ask.  We can either fulfill your need or find someone who can.


Online Store
Find high-quality foods, treats, toys, training aids, grooming tools, gifts, all kinds of goodies.

Animal Training
Obedience, leadership, tricks, behavioral, special needs training; training customized
for your needs (yes, cats can be trained).

Animal Licensing for Clark County Washington
(dog and cat — it’s the law)


Animal Maintenance
Animal bathing, nail trims, mat removal, ear cleaning, anal gland expression,
beak trims (reptiles too), wing feathers, etc.

Veterinary, day-care or groomer transport — drop-off and return

At-Home nursing
including diabetic treatment, wound care, medication administration, sub-cue fluid treatment,
physical, post-surgery care, force-feeding, worming, etc.

Premium food and enriching toys available

Antler sales — way better and healthier for dogs than bones

Pet CPR, First Aid, Nutrition, Wellness and Enrichment classes

Pet Sitting, Small animals/exotics/birds:
Food and water; clean litter box or cage; take dogs out; water plants, bring in paper and mail.
Also included is a simple preliminary exam on each dog or cat and daily report cards.
Medication administration other than a simple pill while pet sitting add a small additional fee.

Pet Sitting, Large Animal (Up to 2 animals), poultry, farm rabbits, etc:
Feed and water, stall cleaning and cage cleaning;  egg gathering;
simple medication and supplements.
Small fee added for additional large animals

Other pet services, too.  If you don’t see a pet service listed, please ask.