thanksMany Thanks!

I give thanks to everything these people have done for me and my business.
I encourage you 
to check them out!

Thank you, Donnie!  You have amazing energy!
Donnie has a great product to help alkalize you and your pets.
Who needs this?
Everyone!  Go here and get some good stuff!



Thanks to Carol and Michael.  I would not be where I am without you!
If your animals are hurting or not, or if you are hurting or not, then you
need a Bio-Mat.  Amazing technology that you sleep on. EVERYONE
needs this.

The Original Bio-Mat


If it weren’t for this cookware and these recipes, I would be stuck
in the kitchen.  So, thank you!  If you want to get in and out of the
kitchen in 30 min or less, go here.

The Pampered Chef


Thanks to Ginger for the products because humans need healthy skin and animals need

Ginger Fishback, Mary Kay Cosmetics  360-772-1771,


A big thanks to John for helping me with my pictures, may videos and other technology
issues.  If you need computer help, he’s your guy.

John W Bryden, 5 Star Enterprises 360-903-7198,


Jadia is wonderful and I give thanks to her.  If you have an event, she has beautiful
doves to lift your event up on.  Weddings and other special occasions are made
even more special with a dove release.

Jadia Ward, Bright Eyes Dove Release 503-750-6361,


Susie has helped my in lots of ways.  Thanks to Susie and Metro and her wonderful
delightful children’s books.  Available on Amazon now.  Check them out.

Susie Slanina, Metro The Little Dog With A Big Heart, 360-852-8871,


Thanks to Bill and Ashley.  Without them, I would not have cards, flyers, etc.
You do good work!

Bill and Ashley Willis, Printing Expressly For You, 360-885-2045,


Michelle is fabulous!  Many thanks to you.  Need to stay alive or help someone
else to?  Michelle will train you to do that!

Michelle Kruse, Emergency Response Consultants, 503-310-0193,


Thank you to Mary Esther.  If I didn’t know you, I would not have found out how
beautiful and loving snakes are.  Please help give these amazing creatures a home.

Mary Esther, International Reptile Rescue, 503-522-2695,


FVTV is my hero! Thanks so much to all of you who are involved with the best
television station ever!  You are my family.

Fort Vancouver Community Television, 360-693-7544